Artscool 2017

Date: 4th Jul 2017 @ 8:23pm

Last Thursday, Year 3 visited Artscool at Manchester Metropolitan University, Crewe. They had a fantastic time and their behaviour was outstanding. We are very proud of them. Here is Chloe's diary entry for the day.

Dear Diary, 

                     Yesterday, I went to Artscool at MMU.

When I arrived, I felt excited but I was still a little bit nervous about performing on stage. Would I remember the words?

Firstly, I did Bollywood dancing. It was so exciting! We had to change into our trainers.

Next was Junk Art. We ironed plastic bags to stick them together and make a wheel. Miss McNeil looked a bit worried but luckily no-one got hurt. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

At noon, we had lunch. I had delicious cheese sandwiches and a yoghurt. Mrs Dulson was very kind and got the group an ice-cream.

After lunch, we went to the Art Gallery. We used oil pastels to create a colourful pattern. I held a bumpy snake.

Finally it was time for the performance. We sang a Victorian song called Hurrah the Nineteenth Century. I would write the words out for you but I haven't got time.

WE DID IT! It was like we were on the X-Factor, people were watching us and smiling. See, there was nothing to be worried about, was there?

Bye for now    





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keira mcconnell ex student wrote:

that's look like so much fun hope you enjoyed it xxxx

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