Kingswood Day 1 2018

Date: 10th Jun 2018 @ 8:29pm

Day 1 at Kingswood:

We all arrived safely and went straight for a tour around the site with our group leader, Kim. Then came a tricky task - making our beds! Once this was done, we had a delicious lunch of either jacket potato with cheese and beans or a bbq chicken wrap. Once we were full, it was straight into our activities. We have been on the zipwire, lit fires and had a go on the nightline (an obstacle course which we had to complete blindfolded)! We’ve had great fun already! After a yummy sunday roast it was time for our evening activity, a campfire. We all sat around the campfire and sang lots of silly songs, told jokes and riddles and even toasted marshmallows! We have just had a mug of hot chocolate to get us ready for a good nights sleep. Now its time for showers and then off to bed. Here are some pictures of what we have been up to. It has been a great first day!

P.S. Mr Watts’ says the wifi here isn’t very good so we will add to the blog as much as we can. 


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Phoebe wrote:

Hope you are having a great time and I miss you Emily :) I can't wait till I go

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Nichola Howarth (Sean's Mum) wrote:

Wow! What a busy first day, it sounds amazing. Hope you all have lots of fun, I can't wait to hear all about it Sean, see you soon xx

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Leighanne pownall wrote:

Hope everyone is having fun!

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Emma scallan wrote:

Looks like there are all having fun.

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Mrs Kelly wrote:

Wow! It looks like you are all having an amazing time. Cant wait to see tomorrows blog and find out what else you have been up to. Take care all and sleep well. X

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Tracey Washbourne (reeny's mum) wrote:

Hope you're having a fab time Reeny, see you tomorrow x

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Heather Winwood Lowe wrote:

Hope Mr Watts didn’t run out of time to have a go on the zip wire 😂

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skye wrote:

Cant wait till I go

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