Kingswood Day 3 2018

Date: 12th Jun 2018 @ 8:32pm

Day 3 at Kingswood

Today has been another amazing day at Kingswood. The day started off a bit chilly and cloudy, but by this afternoon the sun was shining again. Just like yesterday, we’ve completed 6 different activites each and taken part in the mini olympics. During the mini olympics, each team went against one another to complete lots of silly races like the space hopper race, a catwalk model race and a leap frog race. There were a lot of interesting poses in the catwalk race, especially from the boys (we think Edson must be a professional model)! Other activities today have included fencing, jacobs ladder, aeroball, archery, problem solving and low ropes. We all really enjoyed the archery where we used real bows and arrows to try and hit the target. We split into smaller groups and had a competition against one another to see who could score the highest number of points from the target - a few of us hit the bullseye! In the Jacobs Ladder activity, we were challenged to try and climb to the top of a series of logs that were hanging above one another in the air. As we got higher, the logs became further apart so we had to work closely with our partner to help each other to the top. Lots of us felt nervous before giving it a try, but once we were up there we were very proud of ourselves! This evening, we celebrated Jayden’s birthday by singing happy birthday and eating chocolate cake. Its been another amazing day here and we are sad to be coming home tomorrow, however, we cant wait to see all of our families to tell them about our adventures. See you all tomorrow. 

Message from the teachers: The children have had a fantastic time and their behaviour has been brilliant. We are very proud of them for trying their best in the activities and showing resilience, determination and great team spirit! We expect to arrive back at the academy around 3pm tomorrow. Please keep an eye on our social media pages where we will post any traffic updates. 

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Well done everybody. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. See you all tomorrow x

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