The Magical Golden Key - Our World Book Day Story

Date: 6th Mar 2020 @ 2:35pm

The Key

Inside the box was a golden key.

Who has put the golden key there? Was it a pirate? Was it a giant? Was it a magical fairy? Who could it be?

The key is gold and olden it was left by pirates for us but what for?

Now most people would think it's for some secret pirate treasure BUT... it’s not!

The big golden key was in fact for a special door... a special pirate door which was made from old wood and had a gigantic golden skull at the top.

If you opened the door you would find a big, old, wooden desk. On the desk there was a golden, shiny scroll. But what could be inside?

As the scroll is unrolled, it reveals a secret hidden message. The message says “this tiny key will lead you to your destiny” but as soon as it is read, it disappears! What tiny key?

When we looked down, the tiny, golden key was on the floor. How did it get there and what is it for? We tried to pick up the key but we couldn’t because our fingers were too big! Just then we saw a bottle on the table that read ‘drink me to make you tiny’. We picked up the bottle and tipped it up...

We gulped it down, it tasted truly revolting (like sweaty pirate socks and week old fish). Nothing happened! We waited and waited, time dragged by. Little by little, we didn’t notice, but eventually we realised everything else was enormous. We HAD shrunk to the size of Jiminy Cricket. As we gathered up the magical key, one of us noticed, what now appeared to be, a huge crack in the wall. We sprinted towards it and …..

carefully  squeezed inside. On the other side of the wall, we suddenly found ourselves in a mysterious, magical forest,  shrouded by mist. We were encircled by intriguing, twisted trees. As the mist cleared, we noticed that we were also surrounded  by millions of wonderful inspiring books. We gently picked one up.

As the pages of the book fell open, a gush of rainbow coloured water erupted from the book like an Icelandic geyser! It lit up the forest and danced around us like the northern lights. Awestruck, we stood and watched as dozens of our favourite characters burst in to life. Red Riding Hood, Gangster Granny, Dirty Bertie, Snow White, Captain Underpants, Harry Potter and Matilda! Using her magical powers, Matilda opened a pathway through the oldest looking tree…

Slowly, Matlida crept to the pathway in the crooked, old tree.  She stepped into the gaping hole in the bark and tentatively, placed her foot on the first step that appeared beneath her.  Shivering in the cold, dark, narrow passage, Matilda followed the never-ending spiral of stairs, deep into the ground.  Disorientated, she reached even ground and staggered towards a dim light in the distance.  She emerged from the darkness into a gloomy cave.  On a jaggered rock in the centre of the cave was a mysterious glass bottle.  Scared at what may be ahead, she cautiously moved towards the glass jar.  There was just enough light to make out the words – DRINK ME! 

She hesitantly picked up the peculiar bottle, uncorked it and gulped it right down. Suddenly, the distant dim light disappeared and Matilda was surrounded by complete darkness. The eerie silence was suddenly broken by a familiar sound…the clip clop of a pair of high heeled shoes, walking closer and closer towards Matilda. All of a sudden, the room was filled with brightness and it took Matilda a short while to adjust her eyes to reveal where she was – it seemed she was in a familiar magical forest engraved in the heart of Monks Coppenhall Academy. “Are you feeling ok?” asked Mrs Turner. Matilda replied, “I’m fine thank you Mrs Turner, I was lost in the wonderful world of books.”


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