Year 4 Residential to York 2018

Date: 27th Mar 2018 @ 10:32pm

Day 1

Today we set off from the Academy with great excitement for our residential to York. The bus ride seemed to take ages, but it was great fun chatting to our friends and taking pictures of some things we saw on our way. 

When we arrived, we ate our lunch at the racecourse before we caught a coach into York city center. From here, we walked past Cliffords Tower and up the Shambles. It looked like Diagon Ally from Harry Potter. At the end of the street, we saw York Minster... WOW! ... 

Here, we split into two groups for the activities. Group 1 went and took part in a brilliant investigation activity about how the Minster has developed over the ages, whilst group 2 had a guided tour of the Minster and heard lots of tales from the past. We even saw evidence of where the Minster had been on fire many years ago, and saw moulten silver on the walls!!! We then swapped over before making the long walk back to the racecourse. 

On the way back we crossed over the River Ouse, walked past the castle gardens, the railway station and through Micklegate. When we got back, we had a delicious tea of Pizza, chips and salad.

After tea, we went down onto the racecourse to investigate what it looked like. It was very muddy, so we came back inside and wrote our Viking Diaries. We then celebrated Jack's 9th birthday with some cake and a drink.

We had a lovley bed time story from Mrs Lewis and enjoyed reading comments people had left from our Tweets before heading to bed ready for our busy day tomorrow. 

Day 2

Today, we have had a very busy day around York. Firstly, we had a delicious breakfast (most of us had more than one!!). We then got on our coach and got dropped off in York. Here we split into our two groups. Group 1 walked to Jorvik dig to investigate what Viking York would have been like and to look at some real viking artefacts. Group 2 started at DIG and became archiologists. We found lots of artefacts from different eras of York's past it was very exciting indeed. 

Fortunatley at lunchtime, the sun was shining so we decided to have a picnic before walking to the National Railway Museum for our afternoon of activities. 

In the Railway Museum, we had chance to explore how steam engines had developed over time. We found a train that had been built in Crewe, it was called the Dutchess of Hamilton and was built in 1938. We also got to learn about how railway tracks are built and why they need to be built of certain materials. 

Finally we are finishing our amazing day with York's got Talent. All of our acts are very excited to have welcomed our special judges for the night Mr Bossyboots, Miss Sweety, Amazing Ashley, LaLa Lewis, Mrs Strictly!

Winners will be posted in tomorrows blog.


Day 3

Our final day in York. Last nights York’s got talent was an excellent show with lots of fantastic acts. The acts were so good that the judges are still deep in discussion about who will win. The winner will now be announced in assembly after the Easter break. Today, we had time to investigate the stables and make a Viking bookmark before getting the coach home. We have all had a brilliant time with lots of happy memories made. 

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Natalie Threadgold wrote:

Hi Charlotte, Loving reading the Day 1 blog and looking at all the pics from your first day on your trip. Hope you all have a fab 2nd day at the Jorvig Dig and NRM. Lots of love xxxxx

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Wendy steadman wrote:

Looks like you are all having a great time in York! Good luck with York has got talent and enjoy the rest of your trip. Lots of love mummy Steadman xx

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Jacks family wrote:

We are glad to see your having lots of fun with your friends and treachers you look like you having lots of fun as we have seen the photos we miss you lots, we hope you had a fantastic birthday we love you x

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Maisey Gibson wrote:

Wow grace looks like your having a great time I wish I could go again

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Jacqueline hind wrote:

Hi Maisie, looks like your having a great time, looks very interesting, especially the Railway museum, your great grandad drove the Royal Train at one time. Love you lots and see you tomorrow xxx

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Vicky marshman wrote:

Hi Bethany. Looks like you all had a lovely few days in York. Looking forward to seeing you later. Love to you xxx

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Tiarnas family xx wrote:

So nice seeing photos of you smiling and knowing you are having lots of fun we can't wait to hear all about it when you get home we love you millions and can't Wait to see you xxxxxxxxx

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mia wrote:

my tweet might be a biht late but hope u all had a great time

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