‘To be the best we can in mind. body and spirit’

Calming Cove

At Monks Coppenhall Academy we encourage our children to be the best they can in mind, body and spirit. With this in mind, we continuously strive to be an emotionally healthy school, by adopting a whole school approach with regards to well being.


Mrs Price Miss Russett


Mrs Price and Miss Russett are qualified Wellbeing Mentors who work through Calming Cove programs with young people and their families. Miss Russett is a fully qualified mental health first aider.

Calming Cove begins with a beautiful room designed exclusively for us and is a where a number of mental health and wellbeing interventions take place.

These Include:

  • Friendship Terrace
  • Green is Good/Magical Adventures
  • Me, Myself and I
  • Emotion Explorers
  • Healthy Minds
  • Relaxing My Mind
  • Resilience Bucket
  • Cool Connections

Friendship Terrace

Friendship Terrace is a ten week intervention which addresses a vast amount of friendship issues and encourages social skills.

Each week children meet a different character from the terrace who has a friendship blocker issue. Friendly Freddie helps resolve the issue.


Green is Good/ Magical Adventures

Green is Good is for children in years two and upwards. This intervention will help children to understand what is expected of them in school and how to achieve green.

Magical Adventures is for Early Years and Year One children. This intervention is to help the younger children to understand what is expected of them in school, by using puppets and stories.


Me Myself and I

This is a six to eight week, one to one intervention. These sessions are to boost self-esteem, confidence and self worth. They include a variety of bespoke activities for each individual child.


Emotional Explorers

This group intervention will last six to eight weeks. Each week the children will explore a specific emotion, how it feels, what it looks like and how to manage it.


Healthy Minds

This intervention is specifically for years five and six and requires consent from the parents / carers. This intervention focuses on removing the stigma around mental health being negative and unhealthy. The children will discuss mental health awareness, the importance of support, where to find it and how to maintain good mental health.


Relaxing My Brain

These are a range of strategies already embedded within the academy such as:

Relaxing Rhythms - This is a heart math program which helps the children to breathe properly and calm down in stressful situations.

Visualisations - These are a mindfulness tool which helps the children to relax.

Peer Massage - This is another calming strategy which is used in the classroom. These sessions can also be done with parents / carers or siblings with Miss Russett or Mrs Price.

Mindful Colouring - Children can choose from beautiful mandela patterns to colour with a variety of colouring materials encouraging relaxation and calm thoughts.

Yoga - A range of basic techniques designed especially for children to enhance relaxation and calm breathing.

Aromatherapy - Each classroom has an oil burner which fills the room with aromatic fragrances having a variety of different health benefits for the children and staff.

Sensory Room - A calm and quiet sanctuary with soft materials and relaxing lighting for children to go and calm their minds.

Ready 2 Learn - Breathing techniques practiced within the classroom after break times to get ready for learning.


Resilience Bucket

Aimed at all year groups, this intervention runs for six weeks. Its purpose is to build resilience and coping strategies for children. Each class has a resilience bucket and each session we make something special to put in the bucket. At the end of the intervention the children have a bucket full of their lovely activities to remind them of all of their unique qualities.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Cool Connections) 

This intervention runs for 10 weeks and is done in groups of 6-8. The concept behind Cool Connections is to encourage children to reflect on their behaviour and actions. Once the children have an awareness of how they react in certain situations they can begin to control their responses effectively and develop behaviour management strategies.



Activity sessions may include:

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Story Telling 
  • Relaxation
  • Yoga 


As part of Calming Cover our Wellbeing staff are able to offer Peer massage with children and parents / carers.

We encourage children to use calming strategies with the aid of iPads and apps which promote mindfulness and teach simple breathing techniques.



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‘To be the best we can in mind. body and spirit’

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