Pupil Premium

Registering For Free School Meals

Please visit the Cheshire East website to find out if you are eligible. We encourage all eligible families to have their free meals. Even if your child is having Universal Free School Meals, please check to see if he/she is eligible for Free School Meals. Entitlement to Free School Meals enables Monks Coppenhall Academy to receive additional funding which will enable us to further improve standards for your child.


Pupil Premium Statement

The Pupil Premium is Government funding provided to schools, this is additional to main school funding. The Pupil Premium is intended to help each school boost the attainment of disadvantaged children and reduce the gap between the highest and lowest achievers. In 2011-12 schools were allocated Pupil Premium funding for children from low-income families who were eligible for free school meals or had been Looked- After (in care), continuously for more than six months. The premium also applied to children whose parents were serving in the Armed Forces.    

In 2012-13, Pupil Premium Funding was extended to any pupils who had been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point in the last 6 years, (Ever 6). It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility. However, schools are to be held accountable for how they used the additional funding to support and show the impact of the funding for the pupils covered by the premium. Since September 2012, this information has been published on the school website to ensure parents and others are made fully aware of the progress and attainment of pupils covered by the premium.

At Monks Coppenhall Academy the Pupil Premium funding is used to maintain and enhance the extensive curriculum provision including English, Mathematics, Computing and Technology, Music and Speaking and Listening, for those children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding. In addition, we also aim to enhance the opportunities children have to access a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. At Monks Coppenhall Academy, we firmly believe in the emotional well-being of children if they are to be successful and independent learners. Therefore, the Pupil Premium funding is used also to support ‘Calming Cove’ programme, Forest School and enrichment programmes. 

The Principal in consultation with the Governors and staff, will decide how the Pupil Premium is spent for the benefit of the entitled pupils.  We recognise some pupils who do not receive Free School Meals, may have some significant barriers to learning. The school reserves the right to allocate the Pupil Premium funding to support any pupil who has been legitimately been identified as being disadvantaged or at risk of being unable to access learning effectively. Pupil Premium funding will be allocated on a needs basis, linked to analysis of outcomes for pupils. 

Governors will ensure that there is an annual statement to parents and others on how the Pupil Premium funding has been used to address the issues of ‘narrowing the gap’ for socially disadvantaged pupils. 

Please click on the links below to view our Pupil Premium Breakdown in PDF format.

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