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What is Read, Write, Inc?

Read Write Inc. Phonics is a daily approach to teaching literacy for children in Early Years and KS1 that creates fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

It integrates phonics with comprehension, writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting, using engaging partner work and drama. The children learn to form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by-step. 

More information on the programme can be found here:

Why are we switching to RWI?

The RWI programme has been proven to be a very successful method of teaching EVERY child to read and write using phonics.

Children learn English alphabetic code: first they learn one way to read the 40+ sounds and blend these sounds into words, then learn to read the same sounds with alternative graphemes.

They experience success from the very beginning. Lively phonic books are closely matched to their increasing knowledge of phonics as children re-read the stories, their fluency increases.


How can I help my child?

Many parents wish to help their child at home to learn to read.  When children are learning to read and write, it is much easier to say the sounds in a pure way.  This also helps children to segment words in order to be able to spell them.  In order for you to help your child we recommend that you watch the 'Phoneme pronunciation guides’.


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“I like doing the super speedy sounds” Reception child.


“I like it when we read the books because it’s fun.” Y1 child.


“The special friends are my favourites”. Y1 child.


“I am amazed at the children’s progress in a short space of time. “ Teacher.


“The fast pace and routine of the sessions helps the children to remain focused and everyone is included.” Teacher.


“Read, Write, Inc has revolutionised my teaching.” Teacher.

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