Monks Coppenhall Academy benefits from two levels of governance that support the strategic development of the school:

  • Members
  • Directors/Trustees

All are volunteers and have been selected for the skills, experience and personal qualities that they bring to education. They decide the direction of the Academy, in discussion with the Leadership Team, but are not involved in the day to day management of the Academy. They hold the Academy to account for its performance and provide valuable expertise that contributes to the success of the Academy.

Chair of Directors/Trustees - Mr Adam Pavey


  • Cllr. S Brookfield
  • Steve James
  • David Terry 


Directors, previously known as Governors, serve a term of office, after which their place is made available. Should they wish to serve for another term, they may be nominated. In the case of parent Directors, any parent/carer who has a child in the Academy is eligible to become a Director, once a vacancy arises. If more than one person is nominated, a secret ballot takes place.

Directors serve on a variety of committees, depending upon their skills and interests. Once a term, they meet as a whole group, to review the work of the Academy and of their various committees. Directors are also involved in staff and Head Boy/ Head Girl appointments. They attend Academy functions such as Open Days, Stakeholders Meetings and performances. There are two nominated Directors with an interest in Special Educational Needs/ Inclusion and Child Protection and Safeguarding with responsibility for working with the Academy, in these important areas. In our Academy, the Board of Directors are split into three committees (Behaviour and Safety, Teaching and Progress and Leadership and Management). These committees meet each term to ensure that the main priorities for the academic year are achieved and the Academy is held to account. 

  • Chair of Directors - Mr Adam Pavey
  • Vice Chair of Directors - Mr David Malam 
  • Principal - Mrs Pamela Simpson
  • Director - Mrs Gill Edwards 
  • Director - Mrs Alex Evans
  • Director -Mr Gordon Fairbairn 
  • Director -Mr Alan Guilford 
  • Director - Mrs Pauline Latchford
  • Director - Mr Nick Pierce
  • Director - Mr David Warr

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