Mission Statement and Aims

‘To be the best we can in mind, body and spirit’

At Monks Coppenhall Academy, education is about ensuring accessibility for all learners to experience the joy of discovery, solving problems, being creative, developing their self-confidence as learners and maturing socially and emotionally. We will endeavour to combine high standards with a broad, balanced and rich curriculum. Education will be the fusion of excellence and enjoyment. We believe that learners do better when they are excited and engaged, when there is joy in what they are doing, they learn to love learning.

English and Mathematics will be the backbone of our children’s success in learning. We will build on our strengths to serve the needs of our children using the skills of everyone at the Academy. Monks Coppenhall Academy will drive its own improvement to achieve best value, set its own challenging targets and recognise that for the sake of our learners we can always strive to do better. Learning will be focused on individual children’s needs and abilities and we will develop assessment for learning, which enables knowledge about individuals to inform the way they learn.

Teachers and other classroom support will provide a tailored approach to support all learners including those with special educational needs, gifted and talented learners and vulnerable groups. We will give extra support to the learners that need it most so that each child is able to make appropriate progress during their time at Monks Coppenhall Academy. We will build a partnership with parents and carers by giving a range of good information and by integrating the Academy into the fabric of their community. We will provide positive activities outside of school hours to extend and enrich learning. The Principal will put into place effective systems for quality assurance and self-evaluation that will promote high standards through the teaching of positive behaviour to all learners.

Our educational vision is to be a place:

  • Of high aspirations, excellence, enjoyment and discovery
  • Where everyone feels valued and achieves to the best of their potential
  • Where self-discipline and very good behaviour is expected
  • Where all learners at treated fairly and given equal opportunities
  • Where learners are able to make positive contributions to society and are prepared for future technologies
  • Where we create motivated and lifelong learners and use of a range of technologies to enhance and support learning


At our Academy we:

  • Respect and value each other by encouraging self-discipline, good manners and co-operation within an inclusive environment
  • Feel safe and secure by providing a safe, attractive, stimulating and secure learning environment
  • Celebrate our efforts and achievements by fostering a love of learning and to encourage all to achieve their maximum potential
  • Promote and enjoy healthy lifestyles by nurturing physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural needs
  • Make a positive contribution to our Academy and the wider community by creating an open and welcoming learning community where all voice are valued and listened to
  • Provide outstanding learning opportunities by ensuring we deliver outstanding teaching and learning experiences